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Natsuki Hanae from Pash! April 2014.

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Bakumatsu Rock Talk Show



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This is literally what Terry Pratchett wears to conventions. 

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I’d honestly prefer this over more of the anime. No joke.


A part of the Makai Ouji advance screening event where the cast had to talk about who amongst the cast they considered a devil. This is Eguchi’s turn.

Eguchi: When I was having a drink with a certain guy named Nobunaga, he received a sudden text message. I asked him what was it about and he said that Matsuoka sent him a rather serious message. He was worried about him and called back only to be greeted with “What is it?” (In a light hearted tone)

Terashima: (Laughs)

Eguchi: “Didn’t you send me that serious sounding text?” “Oh, I just wanted to see how you’d react to it.”

Terashima: You little devil!

Eguchi: It’s like he really wanted to be doted on.

Terashima: To think he had a side like that!

Eguchi: After that he left to talk for about two hours. He kept on talking with Matsuoka.

Fukuyama: So you’re actually someone from this side (Note: He’s implying Matsuoka is like him or something)

Eguchi: (Laughs)

Matsuoka: At that time I really wanted to talk with Nobunaga.

Fukuyama: (Laughs)

Eguchi: What an honest answer!

Terashima: That guy doesn’t even have anything to do with this series.

Fukuyama: Is he your boyfriend?

Eguchi: (Laughs)

Matsuoka: No, no, no, no, that’s not it.

Eguchi: Since then I thought of him as a little devil.


This is the first time in my voice acting career where I voiced the bishoujo heroine.

Miyano Mamoru on Matsuoka Rin, FREE! episode 12 audio commentary (via sigh—onara)

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